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What is Pathway Fund?

The Pathway Fund is a new initiative founded in 2022, aiming to catalyse opportunities for Black and Minoritised communities across England through social investment.

Pathway aims to act as a wholesaler in the social investment sector by:

  • Providing grant funding to address barriers faced by enterprises led by and for Black and Minoritised communities in accessing finance to fund and grow their activities, and in acquiring community assets;

  • Catalysing further investment into Black and Minoritised communities by de-risking investments through blended finance and influencing new investors;

  • Influencing the UK impact investing sector on the agenda of racial equity, through sharing of best practices and data and setting of standards, and supporting emerging Black and Minoritised leaders in the sector.


What is our vision?

Our vision is one whereby the impact investing sector helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 10 - reduced inequality - a vision and transformation of our society to eliminate racial hierarchies and advance collective liberation, where Black and Minoritised communities in particular, have the dignity, resources, power, and self-determination to fully thrive.

What is the required budget to run Pathway, and how sustainable is it?

The Pathway Fund has secured £0.5 million development grant funding and will enter into a startup phase as of April 2022. The ambition is to raise £30 million as a 10-year spend-down endowment fund, as well as to diversify into raising our own fund of funds, which will have a capital preservation investment strategy.

Our Focus

Business Presentation

Enterprise Development

More black and minoritised-led organisations access investment, thrive and sustain.

British Pound Coins

Assets Acquisition

More black and minoritised communities control their own assets, generate long-term income, wealth and positive impact.

Collaborating at Work

Learning and Influence

Impact investing sector mainstream equality in all its activities, and helps achieve racial equality.

Our Core Team & Advisory Board

Pathway is spearheaded in partnership by Voice4Change England, Black Global Trust, and The Social Investment Consultancy. Its uniqueness is also thanks to the committed track record of these three organisations in the social investment space, from taking on investment, distributing investment or capacity building investment activities. All three leaders of these organisations played a role in developing the Diversity Forum in recent years.

Check out their bio below


Director at Voice4Change England (V4CE)

Managing Director at The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC)

Director at Black Global Trust

Pathway Project Director

Amir Rizwan.png
Andrew O'Brien.jfif

Amir Rizwan

Investor Relations Director at Big Society Capital

Andrew O'Brien

Director of External Affairs at Social Enterprise UK

Our Previous Events

We had our first public launch of the Pathway Fund on Tuesday 15th November 2022 at the RSA.

 Find Out More 

To get involved for partnership and any enquires, you can get in touch with us at

Current Vacancies
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