Pathway is a new initiative founded in 2022, aiming to

catalyse opportunities for Black and Minoritised

communities across England through social investment.

The Pathway Fund aims to act as a wholesaler

in the social investment sector by: ​

  • Providing grant funding to address barriers faced by enterprises led by and for Black and Minoritised communities in accessing finance to fund and grow their activities, and in acquiring community assets; 

  • Catalysing further investment into Black and Minoritised communities by de-risking investments through blended finance and influencing new investors;

  • Influencing the UK impact investing sector on the agenda of racial equity, through sharing of best practices and data and setting of standards, and supporting emerging Black and Minoritised leaders in the sector.


V4CE, led by Kunle Oluolde MBE, has demonstrated commitment to catalysing the Black and Minority voice given their role as a national network for Black and Minoritised-led organisations. Leading as partners on this endeavour will be Stephen Bediako OBE and Bonnie Chiu. Stephen has been a leading social entrepreneur over the last 15 years, growing and advising multiple organisations and initiatives such as The Social Innovation Partnership, Project Oracle, UnLtd, The Barbican, Guys and St Thomas Charity, Nesta, the Greater London Authority and more, including Black Global Trust, a vehicle focused on advancing the Black community. Bonnie Chiu is a leading advisor on impact investing and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She advises various Foundations including Children’s Investment Fund and Lloyds Bank Foundation, writes for Forbes and co-founded the Diversity Forum for Inclusive Social Investment. 

The Pathway Fund has secured £0.5 million development grant funding and will enter into a startup phase as of April 2022. By developing a Black and People of Colour-led vehicle that will cultivate our ownership and autonomy, we strive to work collaboratively with social investment actors and actors in the race equality sectors. We are seeking support and endorsement for this project from those doing incredible work in the space, who we will collaborate with to design, engage and advise the delivery of the project. 




More black and minoritised-led organisations access investment, thrive and sustain.



More black and minoritised communities control their own assets, generate long-term income, wealth and positive impact.



Impact investing sector mainstream equality in all its activites, and helps achieve racial equality.

Our vision is one whereby the impact investing sector helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 10 - reduced inequality - a vision and transformation of our society to eliminate racial hierarchies and advance collective liberation, where Black and Minoritised communities in particular, have the dignity, resources, power, and self-determination to fully thrive.


Download the job descriptions for the open vacancies below