Democracy and equality should be a living breathing thing – not a static code of conduct, or a passive relationship to civil society, in which each side demonstrates its honesty through public relations campaigns. Rather it should be an active relationship in which both parties have expectations of each other. Trust is not built on knowing but presuming. Knowledge and information are important informers of trust, but so is experience. 

 Voice4Change England, as a civil society charity, we call on policymakers to create the space for a deeper engagement and a willingness to experiment in collaboration with citizens. Proportional representation, post-EU devolution, limited terms for members of parliament (MPs), a reduced number of MPs, written constitutions and reductions in executive power should all be on the table. But none of that will have any sustainable impact without people feeling they can enter civil society – no matter what their social background, race, gender or income – on an equal footing, knowing their say, their vote and their opinions matter.


Kunle Olulode MBE Director of Voice4Change England

who we are

Voice4Change England is a national advocate for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community sector.


A stronger and more inclusive civil society to meet the needs of BAME and other disadvantaged communities.