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Have you read the "Testing Times" report?

Updated: May 21

The report, "Testing Times: Messages to Reframe Race" undertaken with funding from Joseph Rountree Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation and hosted by Voice4Change is the largest, most comprehensive study of its kind.

The report illuminates mainstream views on race and racism in England and Scotland.

Led by Sanjiv Lingayah and Nina Kelly, the report tested a representative sample of 20,000 people across England and Scotland.

According to the report:

“The purpose of the test and of Reframing Race more generally is to help campaigners to better convey the realities of racism and to build deeper and wider understanding of and support for the solutions that society needs... More broadly, ‘reframing’ is also about stimulating a renewed and enriched conversation on ‘race’ and racism as part of a wider transformation process that society must go through to truly face and overcome racism. In other words, new ways of talking about racism can lead to new types of listening, engagement and progress.”

The ultimate purpose of the research is to use a new understanding of public thinking to build demand for the solutions needed to end racism. Download and read the report here.


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