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Your Vote, Your Voice​
Voter ID Awareness Campaign

Supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA), Voice4Change England delivered an impartial public awareness  "YourVoteYourVoice" campaign.

We aim to inform all eligible Londoners, particularly under-registered and under-represented Londoners of all backgrounds about the changes to the way we vote, brought in by the Elections Act 2022. We held a Stakeholder and Networking event on the 1st February 2024, with the primary aim of promoting political literacy. Read our full blog here.

This video above covers the following items:

  • the accepted forms of photo Voter ID

  • how to register to vote

  • how to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate

This campaign was supported by the Greater London Authority, City Hall, Kamal Chunchie Way, E16 1ZE, printed and promoted by Voice4ChangeEngland, 2c Falkland Road, NW5 2PT.


This campaign had taken place between August 2023 and the end of February 2024.

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