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Case Study
Stockwell Good Neighbours

Our Windrush Community Fund Grantees worked hard to spread awareness and build trust surrounding the Windrush Compensation and Documentation Schemes

Voice4Change England, in partnership with the Home Office, awarded over £497,000 in grant funding to 27 organisations over 2 phases of the Windrush Community Fund. This enabled these organisations to promote and raise awareness of the Windrush Scheme (documentation) and the Windrush Compensation Scheme, amongst their communities.


In 2022, Stockwell Good Neighbours took the approach of engaging their community through arts and entertainment. They expressed that their community felt a mistrust towards the Home Office. Therefore, they held two main events, as well as further informative sessions in Lambeth and Lewisham, with the aim of giving information and encouraging people to apply for the schemes.


Their events used entertainment to celebrate Caribbean culture, with Quadrille dancers encouraging participants to join in, and an immersive theatre production providing a view of the Windrush experience through music and drama. Representatives from the Home Office were also in attendance to answer questions and take referrals and enquiries. This was an important element in building relations and improving trust.


The events reached over 200 people, most of whom had not sought out any formal information or support related to the Windrush Scheme. Of those people, 190 were signposted to further help from the Windrush Helpline. The hospitable and entertaining nature of these events worked well: "To reach people personally, honestly and openly and with the Home Office having a presence at events is important and a positive learning experience."

The work of Stockwell Good Neighbours clearly created an atmosphere that helped their community feel more at ease in the face of a very challenging time. We are so happy they were able to achieve such positive results from their series of events.


"The activities were both celebratory and informative and attendees felt listened to and valued."

"Its good to be listened to."

"What a lovely way to celebrate our culture and get the message across!"

"Our Voice4Change rep was always accommodating easy to get hold of and always followed up on enquiries."

We are collecting case studies from our grantees and members. If you are interested, please get in touch with We are more than happy to spotlight your amazing work.

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