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How have our Pargiter Trust Fund Grantees Helped Black and Minoritised Ethnic Communities Support and Champion Women?

In partnership with the Pargiter Trust, who focus on supporting disadvantaged older people to be independent, healthy and socially included, Voice4Change England have awarded £43.5k in grant funding to 9 organisations.

These funds enabled them to carry out health, wellbeing, advice, and training support with those aged 65 and over in Black and Minoritised Ethnic (BME) communities.

African Women’s Impact UK (AWI UK) is one of the beneficiaries. As a Walsall based charity that helps BME women and children, AWI UK promotes independence and empowering the local community. They offer services for various age groups, from their Young Leaders programme to a service that encourages intergenerational friendships to keep loneliness amongst the elderly at bay.

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V4CE awarded £5000 to AWI UK in order to facilitate in-person sessions where digital champions taught IT skills to BME women over 65 years of age.


The sessions were each taught by a trained tutor and assisted by four young volunteers. The lesson objectives covered all the basics of browsing the web and sending and receiving emails, as well as video calling and an introduction to smart phones.


These skills would enable these women to socialise with friends and family across the country or indeed the world, thereby reducing isolation and loneliness.

40 sessions of the Over 65s Basic IT Support Group were funded over the course of a year, with a group of 25 women attending. A key focus of the sessions was ensuring that they provided a welcoming and friendly environment, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. The volunteer participation meant that 1-2-1 support could be provided to anyone struggling, and as a result the group didn’t leave anyone behind. 


Here are some wonderful statistics that highlight the newfound skills of the participants:

  • 100% of participants expressed that they successfully learned how to use a computer or laptop.

  • 80% of participants gained the ability to open and send emails.

  • 75% of participants can now send and receive texts on different social media applications

The benefits of these sessions far exceeded expectations; the participants also expressed increased self-confidence, from the skills but also because of broadening their social horizons. For the younger volunteers, this was an opportunity to not only to build on their skills in facilitating teaching, but they enjoyed making valuable intergenerational connections.


The sessions were so successful that the demand is now high for more. UWI UK will be seeking to continue their provision now that they have the solid foundations in place as a result of their Pargiter Trust Fund.



"Our funded IT sessions have been a lifeline for the elderly in our community. Through these sessions, we've not only taught essential digital skills but also fostered a sense of belonging and connection among participants.


Thanks to your support, we've empowered seniors to stay connected, informed, and engaged in today's digital world, enriching their lives in countless ways."

"Working with V4CE has been a game-changer for our organisation. Their support has enabled us to amplify our impact and reach marginalized communities with tailored programs and resources. Together, we've been able to empower women from diverse backgrounds, providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive. Partnering with V4CE has been a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change."

We are collecting case studies from our grantees and members. If you are interested, please get in touch with We are more than happy to spotlight your amazing work.

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