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V4CE delivers #YourVoteYourVoice workshop with Learning Disability Network London

Updated: May 15

V4CE recently hosted a series of workshops on political literacy to one of our members, Learning Disability Network London (LDN-London).

As part of the #YourVoteYourVoice campaign supported by the Greater London Authority, we are aiming to raise awareness and political literacy amongst underrepresented communities. The audience from LDN-London presented a cross section of Black and Minoritised Ethnic (BME) people, and folks with learning disabilities. Back in November, we delivered a workshop based around changes to Voter ID legislation, whilst in January we introduced the basics of political literacy.


Our staff tailored the content of the workshops to meet the needs of the neurodiverse, BME, LDN-London community. We used quizzes and audience participation in order to introduce important concepts from registering to vote, to acceptable forms of ID. Taking a learning by doing approach, we introduced role-play participation to make our participants feel comfortable with voting at the station. The participants practiced introducing themselves to the polling clerks, filling in ballot papers and placing their votes in the ballot box. We received some great interactions and questions throughout the workshops. Hopefully all participants will enjoy using their voice and exercising their voter rights in the future!


We are continuing to offer tailored support as part of the Your Vote, Your Voice campaign. Ahead of a busy year for elections, we aim to ensure that all Londoners are properly represented in the polls. The campaign is impartial, meaning we remain objective, fair and avoiding support of any political party. You can find resources on our website, including a video workshop presented by our Deputy Director Sharmin. If you would like the V4CE team to deliver a workshop to your team, please email

*This workshop is supported by the Greater London Authority, City Hall, Kamal Chunchie Way, E16 1ZE, printed and promoted by Voice4ChangeEngland, 2c Falkland Road, NW5 2PT.



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