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Introducing the VCSE Contract Readiness Programme

Updated: May 22

Voice4Change England is proud to be a delivery partner on the newly launched VCSE Contract Readiness Programme. This is designed to help social enterprises and charities get ready to win public sector contracts, and diversify government supply chains.

"Voice4Change England have worked with several Black and Minoritised groups who have expressed urgency in getting a better understanding of central government procurement programmes. Acknowledging also how collaborative structure could be built to enhance the possibilities of small organisations winning government contracts by pooling resources, experience and knowledge. We are therefore extremely excited to be strategic partners on the VCSE Contract Readiness Programme.

This three-year project will give the organisations that we work with the necessary tools to make the kind of breakthrough we’ve been seeking to have in place for the third sector.

We hope that the end product of this work will be a diverse, new layer of confident, innovative suppliers to central and local government who will expand the range of options available to those making procurement decisions that impact on the everyday lives of service recipients.”

Kunle Olulode MBE, Director, Voice4Change England.

Delivered in partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) and Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), and funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) – the VCSE Contract Readiness Programme’s objective is to enable social enterprises and charities to compete alongside other organisations for public sector contracts.

The Public Services Hub is an online platform, developed by SEUK as part of the programme, which hosts resources and opportunities to help advance the role of social enterprises and charities in public sector commissioning.

We will be sending out updated information about the programme as more elements of it become live – join our newsletter via the homepage to keep up to date. News of opportunities to join courses will be promoted in the weekly SSE email update, Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You?



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