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7 things you need to know about the requirement of #PhotoID for elections.

Updated: May 21

With the May 2024 elections imminent and the launch of the Phase II of our “Your Vote, Your Voice” initiative which is delivered by Voice4Change-England and supported by the Greater London Authority, we believe it is pertinent to share answers to queries many may have about the new changes requiring photo identification to vote. This is in furtherance of our commitment to raising awareness and increasing understanding about the new rule. According to the 2022 Election Act, anyone seeking to vote must present an approved #PhotoID as they are now required for all local and borough elections, Mayor of London and London Assembly elections, Police and Crime Commission elections, UK General and Parliamentary elections as well as UK Parliamentary by-elections and recall petitions.

  1. When will the new rule take effect? It has. The rule was first applied at the May 4, 2023 elections.

  2. When are the next elections due? Mayor of London and London Assembly elections are due in May 2024 while the UK General and Parliamentary elections will take place in October 2024.

  3. What kind of photo IDs will be accepted as fulfilling the requirement? The acceptable IDs include the following: UK/Channel Islands or EEA driving licence; UK, Commonwealth, or EEA passports; Blue Badge scheme card; National identity Card issued by an EEA state, Free photo travel pass like Oyster 60+ or Freedom Pass; Biometric Immigration Document; Pass Card issued by the National Proof of Age Standards Scheme bearing the Pass hologram. These forms of Photo ID are all acceptable even if they are out of date so long as the photograph still looks like you.

4. What happens if I do not have any of those? If you do not have any of those, you can apply for the Free Voter Authority Certificate on the website - Once successful, the free certificate will then be issued by the borough council’s electoral services.

5. Do I need a photo ID if I am voting by post? No, you do not require a Photo ID if you wish to cast your vote by post.

6. What if I want a proxy to help cast my vote? If you are voting by proxy, the person you have chosen to vote for you needs to show their own photo ID at your polling station. They will not need to show your photo ID when voting on your behalf.

7. Is there anything else I need to note if I wish to vote by post or via a proxy? Remember that to vote either by post or through a proxy, you must apply well before the election date.

To read Voice4Change-England's statement on the May 4, 2023 elections, please click here


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