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This time it’s personal

LGBT Consortium

LGBT Consortium

  1. WHEN? 19 SEPTEMBER 2011, 10:30 -16:00

  2. WHERE? At The Penthouse (above the loft lounge in Bromsgrove street Birmingham)

Personalisation is the headline topic for adult social care…

However, mainstream services may not be ready to deliver the new agenda to the LGBT community. LGBT Voluntary and Community Services need to be ready for the new Health and Social care initiative so that LGBT people have real choice in how they are cared for and who care for them. But Personalisation goes beyond Personal budgets and direct payments.

Personalisation means that people become more involved in how services are designed meaning they then receive support that is most suited to them. This can range from engaging with a community resource such as your organisation, right through to provision of an intensive support package, of which your organisation or group or network can form a part. Come along and see what you can offer and how to get ready to deliver.

Contact Dettie Gould, Personalisation Coordinator 020 7064 6504.

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