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V4CE send joint letter to the Home Secretary to save the Equality Act

Voice4Change England is supporting a sector wide campaign to save the Equality Act. Equality legislation is currently under the spotlight on the Red Tape Challenge website. The website asks whether parts or the whole of the Equality Act should be scraped, reformed, simplified, merged or left as they are.

What you can do to save the Equality Act

  1. Post a comment on the Under the Spotlight section of the Red Tape website even if you have already responded under the general section.

  2. Read ROTA's Call to Action

  3. Let your networks and contacts know about the campaign.

  4. Keep up to date with developments from ROTA, Equanomics, EDF and Voice4Change England. For breaking news on this follow us on Twitter

  5. Become a member of Voice4Change England. Together our voice is stronger.

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