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Voice4Change England AGM 2024: Innovate and Collaborate to Shape Our Future

On June 18, 2024, Voice4Change England (V4CE) conducted our Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually, centered around the theme "Innovate and Collaborate: Shaping Our Future." The event gathered a diverse audience, including members from partner organisations, trustees, and staff, reflecting the collective commitment to driving change and fostering collaboration. 


The AGM commenced with a warm introduction and welcome from the Chair of V4CE, Neena Samota, who set the tone for the day by emphasising the importance of innovation and collaboration in shaping a more inclusive future. This was followed by an overview of the year's accomplishments and initiatives presented by V4CE's Director, Kunle Olulode. His presentation highlighted the organisation's significant strides in supporting racial equality and social justice.  


Deputy Director Dr Sharmin Shajahan, then took the attendees through an overview of V4CE's impact and achievements. She presented compelling statistics on the webinars, workshops, and various outreach activities conducted by V4CE, showcasing the organisation's extensive reach. The data underscored V4CE's effectiveness in engaging with communities and driving meaningful change. 


The event featured two keynote speakers who brought valuable insights and expertise. Tony Wong, Director of CVS Hackney, delivered a thought-provoking presentation on the opportunities for partnership between local and national infrastructure bodies. His insights highlighted the potential for collaborative efforts to amplify impact. Following him, Robin Chu, Director of Strategic Projects at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, provided an informative session on Match Trading and Trading for Good, offering practical strategies for sustainable social enterprise. 


Interactive polls and a lively Q&A session allowed attendees to engage actively with the content, providing their perspectives on V4CE's strategic initiatives. Notably, the top three policy areas identified by attendees for V4CE to prioritise were Climate Change, Addressing Structural Inequality, and Stronger Government and Charity Partnerships. These priorities reflect a shared vision for tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our communities today. 


Feedback from the AGM was overwhelmingly positive, with 90% of attendees finding the information shared very useful. Attendees praised the knowledge and expertise of the speakers but expressed a desire for broader geographic representation and insights from members and beneficiaries outside London. This feedback highlights an opportunity for V4CE to diversify its focus and include more voices from across the country in future events. 


The intersection of climate and racial justice emerged as a key area of interest, with attendees showing a strong inclination towards community-led climate action. This aligns with V4CE's commitment to addressing environmental challenges through an equity lens. 


Looking ahead, there is a clear appetite for deeper engagement with V4CE. Attendees expressed a strong interest in participating in workshops, becoming strategic partners, engaging in consultations, and staying informed through the members' newsletter. This enthusiasm reflects the community's desire to be actively involved in shaping the future alongside V4CE. 


The event concluded with Neena Samota thanking the attendees and acknowledging the invaluable support from all those who contributed to V4CE's work. 


The 2024 AGM of Voice4Change England was not just a reflection on past achievements but a forward-looking dialogue on how to innovate and collaborate for a better future. The insights gained and connections made will undoubtedly fuel V4CE's mission to promote social justice and equality. 

Ditipriya Acharya,

Senior Media, Marketing and Communications Officer



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