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Grants to 13 Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations

13 BME Voluntary and Community Sector organisations across the UK will receive funding

through the Home Office Windrush Community Fund Phase 2, a fund that is managed by

V4CE. The Windrush Community Fund Phase 1 offered similar funds to 14 groups in 2021.The successful Phase 2 applicants are:

  •  The African Caribbean Community Development Forum

  •  The African Health Policy Network

  •  The African Caribbean Leadership Company

  •  Citizens’ Rights Project

  •  COPEF Training Skills

  •  Croydon BME Forum

  •  MV Balmoral Trust Fund

  •  The Refugee and Migrant Centre

  •  Rising Stars North

  •  Stockwell Good Neighbours

  •  SVGA Reading

  •  University of Wolverhampton

  •  Wellington Road Seniors Community Project

The names listed here are the lead organisations. Many of the projects will run by consortia

bringing in benefits for more BME organisations and increasing reach.

The £500,000 fund gives these organisations grants up to £25,000 to deliver projects to help

people affected by what was termed the “Windrush Scandal”.

The “Windrush Scandal” was that certain BME people, through no fault of their own,

suddenly faced difficulties in demonstrating their lawful status in the UK, because of

changes in immigration systems after their arrival. They may have suffered losses or

deportation as a result of these difficulties. The work of the Phase 2 organisations will raise

awareness of the Windrush Scheme (Documentation) to secure their right to residence and

the Windrush Compensation Scheme for compensation for losses or damage. Groups will

also help people with the application process.

We are pleased to have a role in a fund that enhances the development of community

organisations to help BME people who have suffered from these issues. This role works well

with our strategic purpose as an advocate, supporter and provider of resources for the


What some of the funded organisations will do

Croydon BME Forum have secured funding to create a Windrush Digital Hub, which will

include a website and community app, bringing together a host of different materials

including videos, images and maps, with information on the Windrush schemes. They will

also hold a series of events to increase distribution of the information and materials.

Rising Stars North West, based in Manchester, will use their funding to raise awareness of

the Schemes amongst children and grandchildren of the Windrush generation, equipping

them with accurate information to give to their family members.

Citizens’ Rights Project in Edinburgh will be raising awareness of the Windrush Schemes with

organisations working with migrants and vulnerable adults in Scotland. It will aim to reach

20,000 people through regional publicity and will also be hosting a series of seminars about

Windrush and inviting around 200 potentially affected people to attend.

Dorota Peszkowska, a director of the Citizens’ Rights Project, said:

“We are delighted to have secured funding from the Windrush Community Fund.

  We are keen to play our part to help those in our communities in Scotland to get the

help they need. It’s so important that everyone eligible for compensation is able to

get it, as it could make a big difference to their lives.

We will be delivering this project across Scotland, with the help of our dedicated

staff and 56 multilingual volunteers. Online and offline, we will aim to reach all those

who may benefit from the Windrush documentation and compensation schemes, in

order to restore justice and a sense of belonging to the community. Citizens’ Rights

Project will work with local migrant-led organisations and volunteers for six months

to raise awareness about the schemes and communities involved."

The first round of funding was allocated in April 2021 and 14 organisations received funding.

One of the organisations, Collage Arts in Haringey, received over £23,000 to produce

animations and videos which have been promoted on radio and social channels. It was

specifically looking to engage a younger audience, empowering them to support older

members of the community.

Steve Medlin, Artistic Director from Collage Arts said:

“With the Community Fund we have been able to reach and empower Windrush applicants to come forward and apply to the schemes. Minister Foster recently came to visit and we were able to show him how the money has been used to benefit our community. We will keep working to make sure we reach as many people affected by the Windrush scandal as possible.”

Phase 1 project delivery continues with some unique and innovative projects including links

with local museums, infomercials and community events to both engage communities and

raise awareness of the Windrush Schemes. Further information on Phase 1 projects can be

found at: Windrush Community Fund Phase 1: projects - GOV.UK (

Further Windrush Compensation Statistics can be found at: Windrush Compensation

Scheme data: December 2021 - GOV.UK (

If you have any case studies or queries that you would like to share with us regarding the

Windrush compensation or community fund, please get in touch at info@voice4change-



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