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Our Open Letter to the New Labour Government

It has been a historic election in the UK, and Voice4Change England (V4CE) is hopeful that the new government will maintain the momentum towards advocating for a more equitable and inclusive society. In recent years, the UK has faced numerous challenges: a cost-of-living crisis, a pandemic, a decade of austerity, a worsening climate crisis, a broken rental market, housing shortages and increased homelessness, and a neglect of public services — all contributing to deepening structural inequalities. These challenges have disproportionately affected Black and Minoritised Ethnic (BME) communities who remain underserved and overlooked.   

V4CE remains committed to ensuring that these voices are heard and given due weight across the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector and in policy forums. 

It is crucial that the new government acts with urgence to implement legal frameworks that address and dismantle systemic barriers, creating an environment that centres humanity, communities, families, and equality through comprehensive legislative protection. There is a lot to tackle – but with a united effort, we can make significant strides towards lasting change. 

In the first 100 days of this new government, we urge our leaders to take bold and decisive actions for a transformative society that addresses structural barriers, marginalisation and injustices. 

Our calls range from strengthening partnerships between the charity sector and Government, to addressing the disproportionate effects of climate change on BME communities. The full statement is available to download and read here.



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