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Parliamentary Event – Creating a Diversity of Providers

The government’s agenda on public services is currently not realising the true potential of the voluntary and community sector.

Vandna Gohil, Director of Voice4Change England, says that: “The immensely successful multicultural Olympic Games and Paralympics has highlighted the compelling value of volunteers and the voluntary sector, as well as the need for Britain to invest in a framework of support in order to bring long-term success”

Yesterday, on September 4th at our annual Parliamentary Event Voice4Change brought together Members of Parliament, voluntary and community sector partners, policy makers and funders to discuss how public services can be delivered most effectively during these difficult economic times and launched two new publications on how this might be achieved.

The one size fits all approach to public services mitigates against today’s expansion of choice amongst a diverse range of service consumers. Voice4change welcomes the opportunity to state the case and show how specialist community based services are a key means of delivering both equitable and more efficient services.

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