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Pathway Fund Public Launch

Updated: May 22

Voice4Change England (V4CE) has partnered with Black Global Trust and The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC) to create Pathway Fund - a new wholesaler fund in the social investment space, focused on growing black and minoritised enterprise led by black and minoritised partners and talent.

Pictured on the Pathway Core Team - left to right - Stephen Bediako OBE, Bonnie Chiu, Dilys Winterkorn and Kunle Olulode MBE

We had an exciting and engaging public launch of the Pathway Fund on Tuesday 15th November 2022 at the RSA. Guests included

  • Government, such as The Cabinet Office and The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

  • Social investment organisations, such as Big Society Capital, Big Issue Invest, and The National Lottery Community Fund

  • Non-profit organisations, such as Esmée Fairburn Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Charities Aid Foundation

  • Racial justice organisations, such as The Ubele Initiative, Do It Now Now and Black Heroes Foundation

During the afternoon, we heard from Kunle Olulode MBE and Stephen Bediako OBE, on the importance of Pathway and our model for driving change.

Stephen Bediako OBE, Director at Black Global Trust
Kunle Olulode, Director at Voice4Change England

After a Q&A with Pathway executive team, Bonnie Chiu hosted a panel discussion, which featured

  • Dilys Winterkorn, Pathway’s new Project Director

  • Andy Davis, the Co-Founder of 10x10 and a Venture Capitalist in Black Founders

  • Amir Rizwan, Investor Relations Director at Big Society Capital

  • Seb Elsworth MBE, Chief Executive at Access

Bonnie Chiu, Managing Director at The Social Investment Consultancy
Pictured on the panel - left to right - Dilys Winterkorn, Andy Davis, Amir Rizwan and Seb Elsworth
Dilys Winterkorn said, “It will be important that we build and contribute to solutions working for racial equity, with a systemic lens, and focus on impact.”
Dilys Winterkorn - Pathway’s new Project Director

The panel shared their thoughts on how to create systems change for racial equity in finance and answered questions from the audience. The event was closed with remarks from Gemma Rocyn Jones, Senior Strategy Advisor at The National Lottery Community Fund, and Danyal Sattar, Chief Executive Officer at Big Issue Invest.

Danyal Sattar said, “We are like rowers, in little boats, and we are rowing against the tide. There are two approaches to change the tide - pick your moment and set out your boat. Sometimes you have to reach for the moon, as it is the moon that sets the tide. About 25 years ago, people reached for the moon and they changed the tide. That is what you need to do today.”
Danyal Sattar, Chief Executive Officer at Big Issue Invest

You can watch the video below to review the event. Click here for more details about this project.


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