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V4CE's Director, Kunle Olulode, Receives MBE

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

We are delighted that Voice4Change England's, director, Kunle Olulode, has received an MBE award for his contributions within the BAME sector.

"The achievement of this award is not just about me but is testimony to the amazing hard work and commitment of Voice4Change England staff and our partner organisations. All over the country charities and community groups found their world turned upside down by the pandemic. In the face of enforced closures and social lockdowns people overnight sought to find new ways of organising and serving the communities they were set up to support. Our job was to get to the right places to ensure maximum impact with vulnerable communities and to do our best to address unmet need.

Windsor Castle provided a spectacular sunlit backdrop to the proceedings. Accompanied by my 88-year-old mother Modupe, made it an extra special memorable occasion. Growing up in a Hackney tenement on the wall of that flat was a picture by Dutch artist Van Dyke's of Charles I and his family taken from a Sunday Times magazine centre spread. While waiting in the Great Hall for my investiture room to proceed, we saw the exact same picture. Van Dyke's portrait masterpiece set on the wall in all its glory, ten times the size of our modest print. We spoke about how that picture had been around our family for over 60 years and the coincidence of this MBE leading us to get to see the real thing. It still hangs in her hallway

Finally, I’d also like to also congratulate colleagues Wendy Williams of the ‘Windrush Lessons Learnt’ report and Jane Ide formerly of NAVCA, on the award of their OBE’s who received on the same day at the castle."



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